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Screen Control Cable
Screen Control Cable

Screen Control Cable

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Famous Screen Control Cable Manufacturer - ZMS Cable, we manufacture control cables, insulated Screen control cable, CU shielded control cable and other cables.
Screen Control Cable Brief introduction
1) Applications:
Type description & application occasion of the screen control cable

Application occasion
Cu pvc insulation & sheath and weave to shield The gearing is in the room,cable ,piping in and request the protective and fixed situation in electric field
Cu PE(XLPE) insulation shield cable It is suitable for the room,electric field.
Cu/ pvc/shield cable It is request the protective and fixed situlation in electric field.
Cu/PVC/insulation & sheath and weave to shield & take to steel Can be installed in inside of the soil layer.
CU/PVC/control soft cable Move and request the situation that electric field shield.
3) Specifications:
  PVC insulation and sheath copper wire screen control cable.
  Rated voltage 450/750V

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