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Flat Wire
Flat Wire

Flat Wire

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We supply flat wire, Flame-retardent and Heat-resistant Flat Wire.
Flat Wire Brief introduction
1) Applications:
  This product is used as hanging cable ,drawing cable and installation for field line,electric appliances and instruments,electronic equipments and automatic devices for electric power ,chemical and so on.the product is specially soft,easily folded and movable,smooth and ageing resistant,high pulse staring current resistant.
3) Standard:
  GB/T 12706, IEC60502
Flame-retardent Flat Wire
and Heat-resistant Flat  wire.The product is especially flexible,easily folded and movable,smooth and unbending. Heat,cold,acid and alkali-resistant.
Operating features:
a: A.C rated voltage :0.6/1KV
b: long-term operating temp:-40℃~105℃ for butyronitrile flat cable
c: the min environmental operating temp:-40℃ fixed installation
d: the laying temp of cable should not be less than 0℃,it shall be pre-heated if it is less than the min.laying temp.
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