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The Cores and Laying Choices of Power Cable

Author:yhngrfd   Post Date:09-28-2017

The choice of cable structure is closely related to its use environment.

For 3 ~ 35kV three-phase power supply circuit cable core number of choice. When the working current of the larger circuit or cable laying in the water, each circuit can choose three single-core cable; In addition to the above situation, should use 3-core cable, 3-core cable can choose ordinary package type, can also use 3 Root single cable construction.

110kV three-phase power supply circuit, in addition to laying in the lake, underwater and other places and the cable cross-section is not available when the 3-core, each circuit can choose three single-core cable.

110kV above three-phase power supply circuit, each circuit should use three single-core cable.

Electrified railway and other high-voltage AC single-phase power supply circuit, should be used 2-core cable or each selected two single-core cable.

HVDC transmission system, should use single-core cable; in the lake, sea and other underwater laying, you can also use coaxial 2-core cable.

Cable laying methods are the following: direct laying, pipe laying, shallow groove laying, cable trench laying, cable tunnel laying, overhead laying.

Several ways have advantages and disadvantages, generally take into account the urban development planning, the existing building density cable length of the laying of the number and its surrounding environment and so on. From the technical comparison, cable tunneling and cable trench laying method to facilitate the cable construction, maintenance and repair.

In some developed cities, urban planning and construction, has been considered public tunnels. Practice has proved that the operation of public tunnels is effective, greatly reducing the number of repeated investment and repeated excavation of the phenomenon, but the initial investment is huge, the cost of building materials, in the country, due to various factors, this approach is very rare.

In contrast, the direct laying and shallow trough laying is an economical way of laying the way that the buried cable is the most economical and widely used in the provision of electricity, it is used in the suburbs and vehicles are not frequent places. But not conducive to the maintenance and repair of the cable, in the event of cable failure, even if the test instrument to detect the point of failure, but also to re-dug the cable trench, very inconvenient.

Therefore, the choice of cable laying method should be combined with the actual situation, according to the engineering conditions, environmental characteristics, cable type and quantity and other factors, with the development of vision, in accordance with the reliability of the operation to meet the maintenance requirements and technical and economic principles to determine the rational.

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