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The advantages of XLPE cable

Author:yhngrfd   Post Date:11-14-2017

The XLPE cable is solid insulation, without complex oil filling system, no need to detect oil level, control oil pressure, and low running cost.

There is no lead sheath for the XLPE cable, the bending radius is small, the quality is light, the length of production and laying is longer, and the installation and transportation of the installation are simpler than the oil filling cable.

The electrical performance and mechanical properties of the submarine cables of the XLPE are also superior to the oil-filled cables. Because of this, the development of XLPE insulated submarine cables has a broader prospect, but there are also many technical problems that need to be solved. The ordinary crosslinked polyethylene cable is under the action of dc voltage, and the space charge in the cable insulation will be concentrated in one place, resulting in the local field being overcharged and punctured. The use of additives in insulating materials can slow the accumulation of space charge in cable insulation, so that the crosslinked polyethylene cable can be used for direct and high voltage power supply.

Described.properties of dc insulation cable is now the highest voltage is 320 kv ac cable insulation of equivalent capacitance increases with the increase of cable length, in the process of energy transfer, the equivalent capacitance and power between discharge but go around the charge, the charging current can achieve maximum and affect the normal active load transfer, so a theoretical limit ac submarine cables.

Transmission distance, multiple cross-sea projects indicate that this distance is about 40km, which is more than this distance, and it is not economical to use ac to transmit electricity. However, the length of dc cable is not limited by charging current, no reactive power compensation device is required, the installation is simple, the loss of medium and conductor is small, and it has a good market prospect. But high-voltage dc cable and if the space charge accumulation mechanism and its inhibition method, under dc voltage insulation aging mechanism, the long-term stability of the new development of insulating material, the influence of the partial discharge and many problems need to be researched."

General super high pressure ac undersea cable is single-hearted, but since the three core communication cable can save the cost of production and laying, so the large section.
 xlpe cable

The 3-core XLPE ac cable with high voltage grade is also being promoted gradually. In 2008, nexen installed the world's first 3-core XLPE insulated cable with the world's first voltage of 245kV. Polyethylene (PE) insulated cables and EPR (ethylene propylene rubber insulated cable compared described.properties ethylene-propylene rubber cables and cable, dielectric loss tangent value, and the dielectric constant epsilon is bigger, but compared with polyethylene cable can prevent the branches and partial discharge, generally only used in medium voltage cable.

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