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Aluminum alloy aerial cable industry standard officially approved and implemented in September 1st

Author:admin   Post Date:07-21-2015

  Recently, China's Energy Bureau officially approved the "rated voltage of 0.6/1 kV aluminum alloy conductor cross-linked polyethylene insulated aerial cable" industry standard. And formally implemented in September 1st this year.

  It is understood, this is by far the aluminum alloy aerial cable industry the most authoritative and most important part of the standard, the standard since 2012 has started to compile, after three years, after repeated revisions to consider and ultimately obtain approval promulgated and implemented, on aluminum alloy aerial cable in the future development of our country has very important significance.

  Some experts believe that the introduction of the most important standard aluminum alloy aerial cable is conducive to the specification of the production and market competition order of aluminum alloy aerial cable. This marks the aluminum alloy aerial cable related standards have been equipped with complete, which will be conducive to the supervision of law enforcement departments and enhance the industry threshold, and promote the healthy development of aluminum alloy aerial cable industry.

  Huge market, huge profits, and this is the status of aluminum alloy aerial cable market. The latest forecast data shows that the next 5 to 10 years, if China's aluminum alloy aerial cable use level to reach the current level of international, the rapid formation of a year high of 30 billion yuan, a huge market. Is the value of the big emerging market, a large number of Chinese enterprises go into action without delay, and even set off a wave of investment boom. However, aluminum alloy aerial cable"rush forward enterprise development to become a" double-edged sword "". Aluminum alloy aerial cable production enterprises continue to increase the attendant will be the increase in publicity, the user is familiar with the increase, the market is more easy to open. But there is fierce competition, and because of the competition of some industry chaos.

  Actually, in many of aluminum alloy aerial cable product introduction, product descriptions are similar, basically some aluminum alloy aerial cable general advantage, such as compressive creep, tensile strength, corrosion resistance, flexibility, economy and so on. But the source of aluminum alloy conductor, production process, connecting solutions but no details, the user can see the just price differences, as well as enterprises face some publicity time. So the choice often impossible to distinguish, it is easy to fall into the erroneous zone, many users to the size of the enterprise, the auxiliary display props as purchase one of the criteria.

  Domestic aluminum alloy aerial cable market is not fully activated, once the market is not open on the existence of excess capacity. At present, the main application of the market is not standardized, there is a product of the phenomenon of long management. Can provide the China State Grid Corp with the aluminum alloy conductor of the cable companies, can produce qualified aluminum alloy aerial cable.

  So far, the standards, once introduced, the cable industry will be a material spread the revolution to the industrial revolution to achieve strategic resources and energy alternative, is effective to solve the problem of excess production capacity and does not regulate the market competition.

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