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Rubber cable industry to develop 3G mobile Internet market

Author:admin   Post Date:07-22-2015

  With the recent "cable" to achieve 3G mobile online development mode, marking the cable industry has begun to actively expand 3G mobile Internet market, which is to promote the rapid development of the cable industry to a great power role.

  It is understood, "Twelfth Five Year Plan" period, our country city changes in the stage of rapid development, overall showing gradually slightly accelerated growth trend, forecast to 2015 China's urbanization rate will reach 53%. Infrastructure investment will focus on urban public facilities. With the rapid increase in the level of urbanization, urban construction on the transmission, distribution of rubber cables and rail transportation demand will continue to grow. At the same time, the power of power grid investment has become the direct driving force for the development of the cable industry. In particular, the construction of UHV power grid has brought great opportunities and challenges to China's cable companies.

  Industry expert Liu Ruqin believes that from the market supply and demand, the global rubber cable market tends to mature, slow growth. From domestic and international on rubber cable industry tracking analysis indicates that, as long as a country's or a region's economy in the premise of growth, especially in the industrialization and urbanization, then the country's rubber cable industry growth will in GDP growth. China's per capita GDP is far lower than developed countries, per capita consumption of the cable level far below of moderately developed countries in Europe, and even lower than Latin America and other developing countries, China rubber cable consumption market potential also has the very big development space.

  For the wire and cable industry, the traditional line market mainly on the spot transaction based, the transaction model easily by geographical and time constraints, cross regional transaction not only increases the cost of the enterprise, and is not conducive to the sharing of resources industry, with 3G mobile Internet online platform the perfect solution to this problem. Liu Ruqin said that the opening of the mobile platform is one of the main features of 3G mobile Internet, enterprises can invest product supply information through the open platform, and 3G users, through the platform to obtain accurate, professional market information, in the process of realizing information interaction, enterprises successfully completed the marketing goal, and the user is to achieve a demand for access to information meet. Merchants and customers to ensure each other Each takes what he needs. the rapid development of mobile internet.

  Under the situation of the global economic integration is accelerating, the wire and cable industry in the face of broad line market more urgent need to develop new markets and sales channels to ease the traditional line under the fierce competition in the market situation. The successful development of the "cable" 3G mobile online, for the cable industry to open gate of the era of 3G marketing, which is to promote the improvement of wire and cable industry, the overall level of information, the realization of industrial market development is of great significance.

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