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Domestic flexible cable companies are facing a major test of what?

Author:admin   Post Date:07-23-2015

  A few days ago, the Chinese cable industry quality summit held in Anhui, the convergence of the Far East, including the domestic leading cable manufacturers. Xiao Bian read the relevant reports, and efforts to think about the ultimate crux of the development of the domestic cable industry slowdown.

  China from the beginning of the 1990s, with the rapid development of the national economy, the flexible cable market with amazing speed of development, coupled with the flexible cable industry entry threshold low, as long as several machines a few people will be able to mass production, so after a short span of 20 years of time, flexible cable industry in China becomes world manufacturing scale, the production of the largest and the fastest growing countries. This is also reflected in the domestic cable industry extensive development of a process.

  On the technology, although our country's flexible cable industry is still in the traditional operation type of industry, but the country's flexible cable output is amazing. But the output value is too high and sometimes it is not a good thing, once the market can not keep up, it will cause serious overcapacity. According to the survey, the current domestic flexible cable industry capacity of up to 40%, is clearly very urgent. Although in recent years, China's flexible cable market continues to expand, but due to the different items of products have different requirements, coupled with fierce price war, so the resulting some manufacturers to do the project, some manufacturers "an order without profit", even even some large flexible cable production enterprises by financing difficulties, low price competition, corporate profitability is not ideal.

  Therefore, flexible cable production enterprises, especially the large and has the ability of flexible cable production enterprises, the only way out is to the top of the food chain, on the one hand to share the high-tech to bring huge profits and other aspects to drive domestic flexible cable industry overall development but not. In fact, the current domestic the construction pace accelerate, including the construction of rail, aerospace, shipbuilding industry, intelligent power grid, petroleum chemical industry, communication industry and so on, so many people in the industry are rallying cry that cable industry is "saved", think of flexible cable industry "spring has arrived?

  But the fact is this? We can only say that some people only see the unilateral, and not see the side, but did not see the back of things. When we see the cable industry market brought about by the development of the industry at the same time, we should see the industry requirements for facilities have increased, especially the problem of air pollution, and the stability and safety of products paid more and more attention. Put forward new challenges to the cable industry. If research and development is not in line with the market demand of new products, if flexible cable manufacturer can not through energy efficiency management or other technical management measures to effectively reduce the production cost of cable, then for the flexible cable production enterprises, and then a big market are equal to.

  On this point, we can reflect on why foreign flexible cable production enterprises to enter China, to quickly occupy the high-end market? In the face of such as stationed in China of Nexans, Prysmian, general cable and other production enterprises, production enterprises of domestic flexible cable is why there is no competition? Is simply because of the fame? The real reason may be that they are more able to provide the market's needs. Especially for the industry market is becoming more and more standardized, some of the so-called "unspoken rules" has no market, improve technology, product performance regression nature, become the hard truth.

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