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ABC cable industry cluster advantages

Author:admin   Post Date:07-23-2015

  One, improve the overall competitiveness

  ABC cable industry cluster situation in a certain extent and industry competition inevitable result, when the industry competition to a certain extent, this kind of enterprise "Baotuan", can improve the competitiveness of the regional ABC cable industry, the formation of regional industrial clusters competitiveness and improve enterprise's own ability to survive. Generally speaking, when after the formation of a cluster, will be able to through a variety of ways, such as lower cost, stimulate innovation, improve the efficiency, enhance the whole area competition ability of the industry, and the formation of a cluster competitiveness. This new competitive power is not a cluster or a cluster of foreign enterprises can not have. That is to say, in the same conditions, the cluster will be more competitive than the non cluster.

  Two, strengthen the effective cooperation between enterprises in the cluster

  ABC cable industry group of enterprises because of the intimate connection between each other geographical proximity and leaders, forming the common formal or informal codes of conduct and practices, between each other to establish close relations of cooperation, so as to reduce the opportunism and reduce the risks and costs of cooperation, so the cooperation opportunity and the possibility of success will undoubtedly greatly increased. Now competition has not only is a direct advantage of competition, are more likely to be the whole industry chain supporting capacity of competition, ABC cable industry of its own heavy and light industry attributes, making industry operation of upstream raw materials of copper, the efficiency of the supply of aluminum is very dependent on the, and the funds concentrated high commodity, not only test a corporate cash flow problems, test of a logistics distribution problems more, effective cooperation among the cluster in industry chain enterprises, not only can improve the enterprise funds efficiency problem, also can better solve the problem of logistics cost and storage cost, thus making more advantages in the market.

  Three, to increase the enterprise's innovation ability

  ABC cable industry cluster is also conducive to the promotion of enterprise innovation. First, cluster can provide a good atmosphere for innovation for enterprises, enterprises in the cluster are close to each other, by the competition of the invisible pressure, forcing enterprises to continuously carry out technological innovation and management innovation. At the same time, enterprises in the enterprise cluster are geographically close to each other, can face to face to deal with, is conducive to the spread of all new ideas, new concepts, new technology and new knowledge, thus forming knowledge spillover effect, gain "learning economy, enhance the enterprise's ability of research and innovation. Secondly, cluster is propitious to promote the transfer of knowledge and technology diffusion, cluster due to spatial proximity and common industrial cultural background can not only strengthen the dissemination and diffusion of explicit knowledge, and more important is to strengthen the dissemination and diffusion of tacit knowledge, and by the rapid flow of tacit knowledge to further promote the explicit knowledge flow and diffusion. Once again, because of the geographical position close to each other to carry out frequent exchanges, it becomes possible for enterprises to provide more opportunities for innovation, reduce the cost of enterprise innovation.

  Four, is conducive to the formation of the regional brand"

  Through the cluster, the integration of the overall strength of the enterprise in the cluster, increasing the investment in advertising, the use of the group effect, easy to form a "regional brand", so that every enterprise benefit. This kind of regional brand is produced by the production location of the enterprise in the cluster. Once formed, it can be enjoyed by all the enterprises in the area. Such as the Wuwei Anhui Gaogou special ABC cable group, special wire and cable production base has become the industry special brand effect, if only a business alone vast formation not now the industry "special wire & cable base" this precious intangible assets.

  Development of industrial clusters so obvious advantages, ABC cable industry went to the cluster development, the inevitable trend of the development of the modern industrial organization theory is. At the same time, is the contemporary ABC cable industry competition situation Daobi formed results.

  In the face of increasingly fierce competition in domestic and international cable market, cable companies must find ways to develop themselves. China's cable companies should cluster development, and find their own regional brand advantages. Pay attention to the guiding role of industrial clusters, the ecological environment of the construction of industrial clusters, pay attention to the talent team construction, construction of system of public service platform for technology innovation, cultivate backbone enterprises of the leading role, optimize the industrial layout, to strengthen regional environment and supporting logistics facilities upgrade, to take timely measures emphasis only on area cable industry brand construction to build the brand of key enterprises transformation, to brand driven regional brand promotion, to actively encourage and support leading enterprises to accelerate the pace of corporate brand building.

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